Define Yourself College


The Define Yourself College Scholarship will be another beneficiary resource for the Define Yourself Participants. This scholarship $500-1,000 will help cover college expenses for teens in care planning on going to college. 



Junior and Senior in High School

Define Yourself Participant




Submit a 5-10 minute video. No less than 5 minutes. First introduce yourself and then answer all three questions. 


  1. What are your goals and dreams in your life?

  2. How do you think this scholarship will help you accomplish your dreams?

  3. How has this event inspired and helped you?


Submit your video to by February 27th. Scholarship winners will be notified in mid-march. 

Learn more about Define Yourself with Commissioner Murman
Want to help fund a college scholarship?


Define Yourself is an all day virtual event created by a Gold Award Girl Scout. It is all about helping teens in care understand their true worth. The hard things in life shouldn't define us and our future. Every teen- no matter what circumstance they were born into- deserves to be empowered. It is our mission to help teens in care today gain the confidence, opportunities, and experience they need to achieve great things in their individual lives.  We push the importance of helping teens find and develop an interest for something. We sincerely believe a passion for something will be a ticket out of their situation and a ticket into success for a lot of these teens.