Slam Anderson

 Sometimes a Nightmare Can Lead to a Dream - ~Slam Anderson

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 Sometimes a Nightmare Can Lead to a Dream ~ Slam Anderson

Slam Anderson is the Outreach and Program Director for The Kitchen Table Literary Arts Center ( A nonprofit organization that specializes in building appreciation and sustained support for Black women and women of color literary artists. She a founding member FosterStrong; a nonprofit organization that empowers current and former youth in care to reclaim their narratives by authentically sharing their journeys of moving from trauma to triumph. We embrace resilience as our collective identity She is a Youth/Adult facilitator, Spoken word Artist and Writer. Slam works in the community to promote literacy, self-empowerment and LOVE. She has competed in regional and national poetry competitions in Tampa, California, North Carolina and South Carolina; including the 2012 National Poetry Slam (NPS) in Charlotte, NC and the 2015 National Poetry Slam (NPS) in Oakland, CA. Slam was the recipient of the 2019 Florida Coalition for Children (FCC) “Outstanding Youth” Award for her work as a workshop designer and facilitator at, A Kid’s Place (Foster home) in Brandon, FL. She has experienced foster care, kinship care and sibling separation. She is originally from Alachua/Gainesville, FL. Slam is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a degree in Creative Writing.

Here about her full story on the Foster Strong Podcast on Spotify.


Define Yourself is an all day virtual event created by a Gold Award Girl Scout. It is all about helping teens in care understand their true worth. The hard things in life shouldn't define us and our future. Every teen- no matter what circumstance they were born into- deserves to be empowered. It is our mission to help teens in care today gain the confidence, opportunities, and experience they need to achieve great things in their individual lives.  We push the importance of helping teens find and develop an interest for something. We sincerely believe a passion for something will be a ticket out of their situation and a ticket into success for a lot of these teens.