Career Cafe

The Career Cafe empowers women to be strong, bold, and successful. 

An annual job hunting workshop for specifically for young ladies from high school to college. They have the opportunities to learn more what and what not to do for a job interview and participate in mock interviews. Definitely an opportunity no young lady should miss out on.

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Define Yourself is an all day virtual event created by a Gold Award Girl Scout. It is all about helping teens in care understand their true worth. The hard things in life shouldn't define us and our future. Every teen- no matter what circumstance they were born into- deserves to be empowered. It is our mission to help teens in care today gain the confidence, opportunities, and experience they need to achieve great things in their individual lives.  We push the importance of helping teens find and develop an interest for something. We sincerely believe a passion for something will be a ticket out of their situation and a ticket into success for a lot of these teens.